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Thuy Xuan incense village in Huế

From afar, colorful stalks of incense look like blossoming flower.

Huế is a city of rich culture. In addition to its royalty culture, unique gastronomy, Huế is famous for its traditional villages of making conical hats, votive paper items, incense, embroidery, bronze-casting, painting, pottery and so on.

One of the village of making incense in Hue is Thuy Xuan, located at the foot of Vong Canh Hill, around seven kilometers southwest of Hue. Currently there are more than 20 families making incense here. Visiting the village these days tourists can see large bunches of bamboo sticks being dried in the sun. From afar, they look like blossoming flowers. Colourful stalks of incense are bunched together, and sample pieces are lit so that there is a pleasant aroma in the air.

To make incense, people cover a small stick of bamboo that has been dyed and dried with a mix of scented powder. The sticks used to be handmade, but now many families use machines to help them produce more in a short time. An experienced worker can now make thousands of incense sticks per day.

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