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Mệ Lé's Hue style cakes

Making traditional Hue style cakes.

Hue, is famous amongst tourists as the ancient capital of Vietnam, famous for its quiet and peaceful environment, for the charming ladies in aodai and also for its gastronomy. Basically, Hue gastronomy can be divided into royalty gastronomy, vegetarian culinary and popular street food. While the taste in the South of Vietnam is often ‘sweet’, ‘plain’ in the North, the taste in Hue and other cities in the Central of Vietnam is tasty, spicy and salty. Once you get used to the taste, you will love the food and also the culture through its cuisine.

Huế cakes

In Hue city, there are a lot of small restaurants famous for traditional Hue style cakes but local gourmets usually go to the restaurant of “Mệ Lé” or “O Lé” ("Mệ" or "O" in Hue dialect means "Mrs.") with over 40 years in making traditional Hue cakes: bánh lọc,  bánh nậm, bánh ram, bánh ít... Her small restaurant is located in a small lane in the peaceful Kim Long village and it is a typical garden house of Hue residents.

The host family is happy to welcome us and share the story of their family and traditional business of making cakes. We can learn how to make the cakes, try to wrap some and enjoy the very special cakes of Hue.

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