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Chè Huế - Hue style sweet soups

Chè Huế (sweet soup) is famous with many kinds including both royal and folk. Each type has its very own taste.

Hue is well-know not only as a the unique city rich in history, culture, architecture, art but also its cuisines: royal cuisine for kings and nobles, vegetarian cuisine for monks and folk cuisine for all people).

Huế desserts appear in any kinds of cuisines, regardless the cuisines for kings or normal farmers. Among them, chè (sweet soup) is famous with many kinds including both royal and folk. Each type has its own taste.

We can list some name of Che cung dinh (royal sweet soup) as: Che hat sen (lotus seed), Che nhan boc hat sen (longan stuffed lotus seed), Che bot loc boc thit quay (cassava flour stuffed roasted pork), Che mon sap vang (made from a variety of taro)…

And some popular folk Che such as: Che bap (corn), Che troi nuoc (sticky rice cake and green pea paste), Che khoai so (taro), Che dau ngu (kidney beans sweet soup), Che dau xanh (mungs bean), Che dau do (red bean)…. Cooking Che is not difficult. All you do is boiling water, adding beans or peas in and then adding some sugar.

There are numberless sweet soup shops in Huế, and Chè Hẻm is a famous and traditional one located in a small lane on Hùng Vương Street..

Che normally serves in small bowls, glasses, or transparent plastic bags for take-away. Che Hue is very cheap, just few thousands Vietnam dong, you've got a delicious cup of it. Che is also part of the culture of Hue, if each evening tasting several type, you have stay in Hue a week to enjoy all of Che Hue.

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